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Whether you want to understand who you really are or get re-connected to your divinity, the Ministry of the Gospel of Christ can make it happen. You can count on the God in us to deliver what we promise ,in the consciousness of his all prevailing presence.

With years of experience and a burning desire to offer every human soul, the opportunity to achieve the consciousness of Spirit, and experience the oneness with our Creator, residing within. We guarantee  quality and professional service, that your Joy may be full, that you may lack nothing, but with thanks giving, show forth your gratitude, by sharing your blessings with others, whose lives you touch. 

 May the light that is within, shine forth and bless all those who are mindful to receive, so that all will experience your righteousness and Glorify the God that is within each and everyone of us, and may the light of God surround you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, the presents of God now watches over you, knowing that wherever you are God is and all is well.

All are welcome:-

You may present your.....

  • Babies and Children
  • Family members
  • Teenagers (young Adults)
  • Parents, young and those not so young anymore.
  • Couples, engaged or not engaged, or Married
  • Executive  Leadership.
  • Decision makers:- Family, Social, Political, Business & Organizational.

We understand that each person has different needs - that's why we're more than willing to serve your unique requests. If you are searching for something that is not on our services list, just ask! We'll be more than happy to assist you.

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