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Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:05 AM

Man Know thyself (Part 2) cont’d…

Now, when Man/Woman chose to go after the Flesh, and not abide in Spirit, that is to remain in unity and exist in oneness with their divinity, as Spirit beings, they in fact rebelled through their disobedience.

In the Kingdom of Spirit, obedience is considered to be better than sacrifice, in obedience there is absolute freedom, no fear, no second guessing, no condemnation, no rebuke, no self esteem issues, no sense of insecurity, only liberty is our experience.

In another understanding, ingratitude through disobedience is considered to be worse than witchcraft. Our unthankfullness leads to ingratitude which leads to disobedience, which leads to rebellion, which is considered to be worse than demon worship (witchcraft)

A very good friend of mine, a brother in the Art of Spirituality, via Martial Arts, once shared out of his consciousness of the Flesh, guided by the Spirit within, disclosed that “Crotch craft” is more dangerous than “ witchcraft “. It is no wonder that nearly all forms of occultic practices, involve some form of physical sexual manipulations, which they try to cover your consciousness with terms of “Fertility rituals”. We must be spiritually wary of all these devious snares that are intended for us to “fall” out of sink with our Spiritual heritage.

Now , since that fateful event of “Man/ Woman” s choosing to rebel, and in so doing, lost the consciousness of Spirit, found themselves with the choice of two roads or two ways of existence; Prior to this mis-adventure on the part of “man/woman” , there was only one way of existence, the way of Spirit, the way of truth, the way of “Life”, this was the only consciousness of experience that was the reality of “Man/Woman”.

However when the thought, of a possible other(alternative) way was introduced, or presented to the consciousness of the “woman”, coming into her mind from the voice of the enemy of God. Lucifer. ( Not to the awareness of the “Woman” since they were not yet aware of everything, as they were yet babes in their Spirituality) encouraging the “woman” to consider another way, in which “she” can become like God, by following the suggested way of the “Flesh”, or the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ; not realizing that “She” was already like God as God walking in a Body or a physical form. As long as “she” the “woman” continue to remain obedient to Spirit, what “she” did not realize is that “she” was being enticed to disobey God’s (Spirit”s) commands.

Two ways then became the reality of “man’s/woman’s” experience, the way of “Spirit” which is the way that leads to Life everlasting; or the Way of the “Flesh”, which leads to Death, permanent separation from the consciousness of the Power and Presence of Spirit (God).

Now “man/woman” were faced with the choice of these two ways of their existence.

One way leads to Life and the other way leads to Death, there is no third way, no in between, no grey area. God is quite clear. They choice to disobey brought the consequence of separation and eviction from the Garden of Eden, the Presence of God, the Bliss of oneness, the existence of freedom, power, dominion, authority, rulership, the consciousness of God’s presence within the body temple, All this they loss in that moment. From that moment “time” began, hence “Time” marks the beginning of “Man/woman’s” disobedience, unto the reconciliation of the Christ within the embodiment of Jesus. When the door of opportunity will once again be open for “man/woman” to once again return into the bosom of their Creator, and exist in the harmony of consciousness of divinity, recognizing that the Body temple is not theirs, but Gods’ and that they are privileged to share in that experience as one with God as God equal with God, no holds barred.

In the continuing chapters we will examine these two ways of existence in some detail.

To be cont’d.

May the Light of God surrounds us, the Love of God enfolds us, the Power of God protects us, and the presence of God watches over us, knowing that wherever we are, that God is and the pure white light energy of the Christ within now fills us, and only Good comes to us and now only Good goes from us. God bless you, until the next posting. Be encouraged to share this site with your friends and family, and all those whom you care for.




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