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Our Salvation Process

Posted on April 26, 2015 at 8:05 AM





1) Walking in Disobedience, walking after the way of the Flesh.



2) Recognizing the results of our Disobedience ( Harshness,

cruelty, fear, poverty, unhappy, unfulfilled, miserable etc.


3) Repenting of our Disobedience, (Willingness to turn away

from such a life style based on choice).


4) Acceptance of Help- Receiving the olive branch of Hope

through the Christ, Son of God. As our redeemer.


5) Overcoming the Grip of the Flesh, bad habits are hard to get rid of. We must sacrifice in order to release and break those chains.

6) Surviving your Gethsemane Experiences. The struggle of the

Spirit over the flesh, overcoming your way, and abiding with

God’s way and will for your life. Trusting only in the Spirit.

7) Crucifying the Old ways of understanding, and yielding to the

New ways of understanding. Crucifying of the way of Flesh.


8 ) Experience the resurrection of the New Man, being Born again

of the Spirit, returning to your true divine nature of Spirit.

Of God.

9) Availing yourself to the process of Ascension, through

practising forgiveness. Forgiveness of your ownself,

forgiveness unto others.


10) Receiving of our Spiritual Consciousness, our Empowerment,

having and exercising dominion over the Body Temple.


11) Application of that Power through the Consciousness of Spirit.

Receiving of the Holy Spirit of God, adopting us into the Fold of God as Sons of God. Holy and righteous.

12) Transcend to the Spiritual Cosmos, to the Glorious Heights, in

the Existence of oneness with God, as God. Experiencing that

union that we once had before the world was. Being one with

God. The true Birth and Destiny of Man as God.


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