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The Controversy of Mans' Understanding While in the consciousness of Flesh

Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:35 AM

The Bible is filled with stories and events that mirrors the continuous errors of mankind's misunderstandings of God's communication to us. There are numerous occasions when man in his intellect executes and justifies their actions by accrediting God to their decisions and actions. Mankind deceives themselves when they satisfy their own desires and authenticate it with the stamp of God. From Abraham to Moses to David unto Solomon and unto present day leaders are guilty of this grave deception. Christ said we, like sheep have all gone astray. All have sinned and fallen short of God's glory in their life. When we say that we have heard from God, we must question our understanding to ensure that it lines up with the nature of God. For God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. God,s nature is not fickle nor is it faithless. Always test your understanding before acting. REMEMBER HOW MANY PEOPLE SAUL KILLED BEFORE CHRIST CONFRONTED HIM AND HIS UNDERSTANDING CHANGED. He also changed his name to distance himself from the old man who was ignorant of the truth. The kings of Israel was assigned by God to lead the Nations. Instead they all followed what their life experiences has taught them, when God placed their perceived enemies in their hands, did they do the God like thing and teach by example what those nations should do?, NO they joined those nations by the continuous KILLINGS, in the Name of God, Yet God's command says "Thou shall not KILL".

Are we saying that God does not know what He is saying?. Think about this.And you will discover how the whole world have gone astray, we have all been deceived by those who claim to be our Leaders in Society, from the Church governance downward and across the spectrum of the society of the world.. After all that they subjected the Christ in Jesus to. What did he say..."Father forgive them, for they know NOT WHAT THEY DO." Yes Christ is still teaching us from the Cross, that we must forgive no matter what we experience, that is the God like thing and the work of LOVE in action.

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