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The Open Doors of Reality

Posted on May 14, 2015 at 9:20 PM



A question that each one of us must and should ask ourselves.


In keeping with the Theme for this week for TCSSHC Universal Circle of Enlightenment Prayer Line. “The Open Door to Reality”


We will read The Scriptures taken from :

a) Proverbs Chapter 14, verse 12.

b) Also from the Book of Galatians Chapter 5, verse 17 and 19 thru. 25.


In my presentation today. I wish to use three key words out of the Phrase.




Invocation:- Father God, you who are ever present in the consciousness of every participant, viewing this site, that their minds be now open and receptive to your voice, through this vessel of yours.

I thank you, that the words proceeding from this mouth, emerging from the meditations of this Heart, be pleasing and acceptable before thy sight.

That it may bring forth enlightenment to the consciousness of your beloved vessels on this site, May the quickening of your Spirit within them, encourage and embolden them to share this understanding, wherever and whenever, you open doors of opportunities to do so.

I thank you, and may you forever be glorified in and through us.


Topic:- “ What is my Reality”


“Reality” can be defined as that which the conscious mind accepts to be real or relevant to it’s existence, having a resemblance to the original concept or understanding.


a) How real is your reality?.


Since the creation of Mankind, being made in the image and likeness of it’s creator, being Gods as God, in a physical embodiment, having all the attributes and nature of God, chose to walk through the open door, towards the reality of KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS of both GOOD and EVIL.


In this particular reality that mankind has chosen for himself, glorifies and embraces the reality of “Materiality” or all things physical, that relates to the five basic senses of the Body.


Hence for a very long period of Man’s reality was associated with a reality that is based on the lower level of his conscious existence, satisfying the Animal nature of the Flesh, and the desires of the body. In this state of consciousness or in this reality, He felt that he was free, when in fact he had become a prisoner and a slave to the Body.


As time went by, mankind began to evolve and unfold, by seeking and yearning for a higher level of existence, also based on the foundation of the “Knowledge” of “Good” and “Evil”. Just as we, each and everyone of us had unfolded as we evolved in our consciousness.


b) The “seeker” is someone or anyone who experience the desire or yearning for something greater, hence they began their journey of transcending, by seeking, without and within themselves.

The Christ assures us that those who seek, out of the hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall be filled and shall be rewarded.


c) Those who seek, shall find and those who find, must knock on the

“Door” of possibilities, and the “Door” of endless opportunities shall be opened unto all who are prepared to walk through that open “Door”.

over time, Man sought to behold of those possibilities, using the same foundation of the “Knowledge” of “Good” and “Evil” . Man began to create a “Reality” carved out of his sixth and seventh senses, the faculty of “Intellectuality”, through man’s “Intellectuality”, He has unfolded a world of several “Realities”; The “reality” of visuality, through capturing life experiences and holding unto it, by painting it unto a “Canvas”, or carving it in “stone” or using “wood”, by so doing, man was trying to have a “Lock” on Life, by capturing and holding images experienced in time, to still or freeze it in a lifeless physical form, this reality unfolded over time, and man transcended to still “Photography” using light to capture images and moments of Lifes’ experiences. In time this reality also subsequently unfolded into moving and automated and animated imagery.


Proverbs 14: 12 reminds us that “there is a way that seems right unto Man, but this way leads leadeth to Death or Destruction”


We must remember, as pointed out in “Galatians” 5: 19-21, that the works according to the “Reality” of Flesh consciousness, that these things also lead to “Death”.



I recall that God had said in the Book of Genesis, that in the day we choose to Eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, it will lead to our Death, that is, separation from a conscious reality that connects us to God, and the consciousness of God within our being, that is the true Divine Being.

When we choose to walk through that Door of Reality that is based on our “Intellectuality” it has led us to this “Day”, A reality governed by visual “Technology”, a reality called “virtuality”. In the world that Mankind has unfolded unto himself, we have entered the age of the “Machines”, where the Computer now has become our “Reality”. Every person now has the opportunity to access one, in a mobile form, called the “Smart Phone”.

This new Reality possesses so many possibilities and opportunities, that it has put previous realities into obsoletion, such previous realities that were held in high esteem, has outlived its’ usefulness and is quickly disappearing from the scenes of Mans’ reality.

Are we still on the Theme of “ The Open Door to Reality?” Yes!!, as Masters of Light, I now present to you, the “Reality” of all “Realities”


Oh! And before I forget, the “Good” that we try to do, when we choose to do that “Good” based on the “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil”, also leads to Death, and does not find favor in the eyes of God. For God said through the vessel of His Prophet, that such Good or righteousness is nothing but Filthy Rags before his sight. (So much for the Reality of Man) based on the faculty of his Intellectuality.


I Present to you, the Door to a Reality, that is now open to All, first to all participants of this Universal Circle of Enlightenment, and to all those whose lives, you will touch, right here and right now.


This Reality is our “Spirituality”, our only true Reality, and that Door has been declared open by the “CHRIST” in you, who is you. I AM who I AM,

I AM GOD, GOD I AM (x 3 times).


Of the two previous Realities that I have spoken of so far…..


1) A Reality of Materiality, based on all things Physical.

2) A Reality of Virtuality, based on Visual Technology, out of the Faculty of our “Intellectuality”.

These Realities all shall pass away, and lead to Death, or separation from the Consciousness of the I AM presence with in our existence.


The Reality of Spirituality is not found on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. ( repeat for emphasis)


But can only be found on the “TREE of LIFE”. (also repeat for emphasis)


The “CHRIST” the Son of God Declares that He is the “WAY”, the “TRUTH”, and the “LIFE”.


Christ has removed the Flaming Swords, that preserves the “WAY” of the Tree of Life.


Christ declares that He has come to give us Life, return us back to the Garden of Eden, the Domain of Life, and that through the CHRIST, who now dwells in you, as you. You all now have access to that abundant Life, that springs up within, like a well of Life giving water, Open your minds and walk through that open door of Reality that leads you to your consciousness of your Spirituality, your true divinity.


The Kingdom of God is within your consciousness, release and become in the twinkle of an eye, be ye Transformed as you yield to the Reality of your “Spirituality”, you now have access to all things Beautiful, All things Good, All things Holy, All things Righteous, all things Eternal. Do not think it, just relax and breathe it, let it flow, inward and outward.


As you go forth boldly, share it with all those who are willing to accept it. Do not share what you believe, share what you know, what you have experienced.


Your Reality is that you exist to Manifest God in this Realm, while you are in this your present embodiment. Congratulations in your New Reality, as you transcend the cosmos, in your divinity, manifesting God in his reality. The God of Life.


Masters of Light, God has blessed you all. You are now blessed in the Name and in the Power of the Christ within.

Have a Spirit charged Day, now and forevermore. AMEN and AMEN.


Now the Light of Christ surrounds you, the Love of Christ enfolds you,

The power of Christ protects you, the Presence of Christ now watches over you, knowing that wherever you are Christ is and all is well.




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